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The Cula Curtișoara Domain

It is not known precisely when the Cula of Curtișoara was built but it is mentioned in a text of the late XVIIIth century. It then belonged to a rich family of the region: the Cartianu family.
During their childhood, Dinu & Sandu Missirliu, Constantin Neamțu's grandchildren enjoy coming with their family to spend their summer together in this beautiful place. 
At the beginning of the XXth century, Constantin C. Neamțu is an important person in Oltenia. He has founded in 1896 the Banca Comerțului, an institution that extends from Bucharest to Timișoara. Mayor of Craiova for a couple of years, he is a founder of the Liberal Party of Romania and is elected as  senator of Gorj county than of Dolj county.
In 1926, he buys the Cula of Curtișoara and the surrounding domain to the Cornoiu family and restores it under the supervision of the architect Constantin Ioțu. He also asks him to design a Conac, together with a water tower and a house for the gardener. In 1930, the Cula is the first house outside of Tîrgu Jiu to have a telephone. It also has running water and electricity.
Soon after the Second World War, Constantin Neamțu is sent to Jilava prison where he dies a few years later. All his properties are nationalised, including the Curtisoara domain. After being used as a cooperative for local farmers, it is slowly abandoned.
In the 80s, the site is proposed to be transformed in a village museum. The first set of traditional houses is build as a street close to the Cula. A second set of houses is installed on the opposite hill in the 90s-00s.
In 2006, The Curtișoara domain is recuperated by Constantin Neamțu's heirs, Sandu Missirliu & Stefan Bortnowski. They are working on restoring the domain and its buildings ever since. Though it has become a private property again, Stefan & Sandu chose to leave a free access to the domain for the people visiting the village museum. Together with the summer workshops & other cultural gatherings, their wish is to bring back some life in this beautiful place and to share its history with as many people as possible.
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